Top 5 Types of Vegetable Tanned Leather : Veg Leather

What is vegetable leather? How is it produced? What is the difference between animal leather and vegetable leather ? What are the varieties of vegetable leathers ? We have compiled top 5 types of vegetable tanned leather for the ones who are curious about veg leather…

1- What is vegetable tanned leather?

Vegetable leather is a substance produced from various trees, bark, leaves and roots of plants.

2- What is the difference between animal leather and vegetable leather ?

The chemicals used during the tanning of animal leather are not used in the production of vegetable leather. Vegetable leather does not carry chemical content to its user through its pores. The amount of harmful waste left to the environment is minimal.

3- Top 5 Types of Vegetable Tanned Leather

1- Pineapple Leather
pineapple leather pinatex

The variety known as Pinatex is obtained from the leaves of the pineapple fruit in Spain. Thanks to its durable and flexible structure, the desired texture is given. Pineapple leather is biodegradable. It has minimal negative impact on the environment.

2- Eucalyptus Leather
Eucalyptus Leather vegetable tanned leather

The eucalyptus tree is produced in Germany without the use of pesticides. It stands out with its durability.

3- Mushroom leather
mushroom leather vegetable tanned leather

This suede-like vegetable leather, called muskin, is obtained from a mushroom hat. Italy-based Muskin is prepared without chemical tanning. It is biodegradable. Muskin has a flexible and air-permeable structure that prevents bacteria formation.

4- Hevea Leather
Hevea Leather vegetable tanned leather

The other name of the flexible and durable Hevea leather is “forest fabric”. Its homeland is the forests of Brazil. Hevea leather is obtained from the leaves of the rubber plant.

5- Liege leather

Liege leather vegetable tanned leather

The main ingredient of Liege is oak bark. It is more common in use than other vegetable leather types. Two important advantages are its lightness and water resistance.

4- How to Choose the best of vegetable tanned leather

At the decision stage, the producer of the product gains in importance. It is important to choose brands that produce without harming human health and the environment. The raw material used in production and the country of production (in terms of compliance with ethical rules) are among the evaluation criteria that help to make a selection.

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