Tiny House Designs That Bring Great Happiness Into Your Life

Lately the trend towards tiny houses is becoming a social movement. People prefer to simplify their living space and prefer minimal life. That’s why tiny house designs attract people’s attention with their advantages that bring great happiness in small spaces. You can take your house with you when you move, or if you get tired of looking at the same environment every day, you can attach your house to your vehicle and go. This brings freedom with it, and that sounds great. People build these houses according to their wishes, not considering the resale value, but for the best possible experience. So, which of these designs is your favourite?

1- Acadia Tiny House

acadia tiny house

Acadia tiny house is inspired by the natural beauty of Acadia National Park in Maine, USA. It has a traditional gabled roof. At the same time, the roof is designed steep and inclined to effectively remove snow and moisture. In summer, it has a porch to sit in the shade. It has been designed in the form of a modern village house that will make you feel warm inside. Its floor and ceiling are made with natural wood veneers. This design makes the interior of the tiny home look quite spacious. Acadia tiny house is a structure where you can stay safely in all seasons. If you like modern and rustic style, this useful house is designed for you.

2- Bungalow Tiny House

bungalow tiny house

Bungalow tiny house design dates back to ancient times. Originally known as “bangla” in Hindi. Bangla is a small thatched hut for travelers. During the British colonial occupation of India in the 19th century, the British did. They designed one-story houses with large, covered verandas to facilitate ventilation and protection in the hot, dusty Indian climate. That’s why small bungalow houses are usually single storey. There are also varieties that are partially raised from the ground to receive sunlight. They are houses with a large sitting area as opposed to large bedrooms. Rooms are small and few in number. These houses, which have an appearance that will make you feel very peaceful inside, are one of the authentic styles that come to mind when it comes to small house, which brings great happiness in a small space.

3- Greenmoxie Tiny House

greenmoxie tiny house

The most important way to protect nature is to protect natural areas. Protecting natural areas is also protecting animal and plant species. Greenmoxie tiny house is a small house designed for exactly this purpose. Because the purpose of this design is to protect nature with recycling, to waste less, to consume less and to need less. Recycled material is used for everything in the Greenmoxie tiny house construction. Also, it is not a small house that needs to be connected to the mains and sewer system. It is sustainable, off-grid and environmentally friendly. This elegant, innovative green house is a great design for nature lovers.

4- Tree Tiny House

tree house

Living in a tiny tree house is the idea of being so close to nature that it has a magical side that is truly enveloping. Its trunk is your foundation, its branches are your steps. It’s like living in a quiet shelter, being in a tree house. Having a panoramic view of your backyard. In fact, this desire is not just a whim of our century. The existence of tree houses goes back to Ancient Rome. In fact, for some societies, living in trees is not just a pastime, but a necessity for survival in a hostile environment. The Korowai people (people living on the island of Indonesia) have built huts in Banyan trees for centuries. These treehouses are 10 to 35 meters high and can accommodate a family of ten with their pets.

5- Alpha Tiny House

alpha tiny house

Just because a house is small doesn’t mean it won’t impress you. Alpha tiny house uses a mix of modern design and traditional materials to create a comfortable and inviting space in its structure. This small house is designed so that natural light from a large glass shines through your home. In this way, it has a bright and quite spacious living space. This design makes the appearance of the house modern and interesting. It has a foldable porch. In addition, this small home has been designed to fit a large life into it. There is a stylish sitting area where you can have a pleasant time with your guests. In other words, it has a comfortable use even when you are crowded. With space optimization and high quality design, it is more costly than other houses.

6- Ovid Tiny house

ovid tiny house

It is known as a small traveling house among the small home designs that bring great happiness in a small space. Mobile homes are one of the designs that attract the most attention, especially among young people. Therefore, it is a great choice for a traveling couple. Who doesn’t want to travel with their house? It also has a modern design. The sitting area is spacious and well kept. The lower part of the staircase leading to the upper floor is used as a storage area or a kitchen cabinet. In this way, every area of the house is used in the most efficient way. A peaceful breakfast in the shade of the trees in the forest, a coffee with pleasure at the foot of a mountain, a romantic dinner by the lake while watching the sunset… With these features, ovid tiny house is quite attractive.

7- Orchid Tiny House

orchid tiny house

Orchid tiny house has an aesthetic design. It is a house that is thought to be more modern than other small plans. It is also called contemporary and triangular farmhouse design. The house has a large front window. It has a very aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside both day and night. The house has an open floor plan. The kitchen and dining table are located on a raised platform in the middle of the house. There is a bathroom at the back of the house. A room with a special large-size bed has been designed in the attic. This design has added a very attractive atmosphere. The siding has a texture you can only see in a few Scandinavian cabins. It also has a modern sofa where you can comfortably host your guests.

8- Cob Tiny House

cob tiny house

Basically, its main material is soil, clay, sand and straw. Straw is a traditional solution, often used as a building material in this type of home. It is also advantageous that it can be used in its raw form without requiring much processing. It reduces air pollution. If you are building your house yourself, it is also very economical for you. It is a construction technique that has been used for over 10,000 years. Owing to its thick walls, a lot of thermal regulation takes place. That’s why walls keep the house cooler in the heat of summer. In winter, however, the walls retain heat until late at night. This design, which has a very traditional and natural structure, also has a healthy and long-lasting structure due to the natural materials used.

9- Arched Tiny House

arched tiny house

If you have a dream of building your own house but are also willing to reduce the size of your house, arched tiny house is ready to impress you with its perfect and distinctive style. These houses are made in the form of arched cabins. It has a curved exterior appearance. Also, despite being such a small building, its interior is spacious. It is used in more than one area, although it is less well known compared to other tiny houses. You can see this design in many areas such as an excellent art studio, workshop, office, animal shelter, holiday homes. These small plans have standard constructions, but all can be customized depending on the purpose of the usage area.

10- Vardo Tiny House

These houses are designed in the form of wagons. There are different designs of these small homes where you can relax for weekend holidays. If an ornamental design with gilding and colored paints is added, it is also known as Gipsy Tiny House. It has a slightly smaller structure compared to other tiny house designs, however, among the tiny house designs that bring great happiness in a small space, it is a house where you can spend your vacation time with pleasure and will not tire you. That’s why most people prefer to use it for short-term vacation getaways, not for a long stay. Apart from that, it can also be used as a detached office due to its small structure.

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