Autumn Makeup with The Colors of The Season

If you want to make a natural-looking make-up in autumn, which is one of the coolest and rainiest months of the year, and keep up with the trends of the year, you can take a look at the suggestions we have prepared for you. Here are all the details about autumn makeup with the colors of the season…

autumn makeup trends

The autumn months, which makeup lovers have been eagerly waiting for, have arrived. You can easily achieve harmony with the colors of the season by using some headlights and lipstick tones, especially in the autumn months when a smoky eye makeup is done.

You can look gorgeous with your short hair in the autumn months when brown and burgundy colors are predominant. Glitters, which are also included in autumn eye makeup trends, combine with bronze, gold and silver colors. If you want to go to the world of these glitters and make your beauty shine even more, you can give golden shadows to your black smoky eye makeup. Let’s make a special make-up for the autumn months together…

Step by Step Autumn Makeup with The Colors of The Season

  • Starting your make-up by using a primer or base will help you to easily cover the acne spots on your skin, and you can make a make-up that will not fade even in rainy weather.
  • In cold and windy weather, your skin can dry out and make your makeup look bad. Therefore, you can take care of the make-up base to have moisturizing effects or you can use a foundation with glycerin.

Let’s come to the most important step of the makeup! Of course, the most important fall makeup is the color tones you will use on your eyes. You can keep up with the fashion of the season by applying headlights such as green, burgundy, brown tones or purple.

  • After applying the eyeshadow to your eyes, you can apply a very thin, eyeliner only to the bottom of the eyelashes. You can also finish off your eye makeup by applying mascara.
  • If you want to color your face and contour your cheekbones, you can apply a peach blush.
  • You can complete your make-up with a lipstick in dark brown colors.

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