The 5 Most Expensive Cosmetics in The World

Makeup is an indispensable element of women. It is the element of women; because now it has become integrated with women, almost as a part of women. women spend tons of money on cosmetics. But you can even buy a car for the amount of some expensive cosmetics.

Cosmetics are an aid to make someone look better and beautify their face or skin. Cosmetic products are currently among the most popular products in the world in terms of economy. Everyone wants to look beautiful, right? Well, that’s exactly what cosmetics companies hope for, and some even design exclusive luxury products for those who want to differentiate themselves from the masses. You may be surprised when you hear the prices of the products of world famous brands.

1- Kre At Beauty False Eyelashes – $1,350

Kre-At Beauty 24-karat gold Eyelashes The 5 Most Expensive Cosmetics in The World

Kre At Beauty brand only makes products on false eyelashes. Many artists and well-known people around the world use the products of this brand. The eyelash, which was specially produced in 2011 from 24 carat gold and 18 carat diamonds, provided a more ostentatious, sophisticated and elegant look. These naturally added diamonds have increased the price of the product.

2- La Mer Face Cream – $2,220

la mer face cream The 5 Most Expensive Cosmetics in The World

This cream promises to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and make the skin look ageless. They say they achieved this thanks to the seaweed in the cream and the formula they call “miracle water”.

3- Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif/ Intense moisturizing cream / $ 1000

Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif The 5 Most Expensive Cosmetics in The World

While it is claimed that the vitamin E and green tea in its content are the same as those sold in pharmacies, this cream differs from others with its intense moisturizing effect.

4- Essie Cosmetics Nail Polish – $55,000

essie nail polish

Essie Weingarten founded the brand as a nail salon in 1981, but she had plans to grow the brand in mind. Essie, who wanted her nail polishes to be in more beautiful, warm and eye-catching colors, had products that could barely find buyers for $ 250. However, she planned to go even further and made platinum nail polish bottles with the help of a designer.

5- Guerlain Diamond Encrusted Lipstick – $62,000

guerlain diamond encrusted lipstick

It is a very respected brand founded in France in 1828. Guerlian, who first produced perfumes, has more than 300 perfumes so far. Normally their lipsticks are priced at $48. However, the tube of a special lipstick they released is covered with a total of 199 18-carat diamonds. It is also covered with emerald and ruby inside the tube. Its total weight exceeds 100 grams. It is the number one of the most expensive cosmetics.

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