Fashion Tips and Tricks on How to Be Stylish

If you wonder how to be stylish, you are at the right place. We compile fashion tips and tricks on how to be stylish. You can make your look more elegant by implementing basic fashion rules. Here fashion tips and tricks :

1- Tuck your shirt into your pants

When you tuck your shirt into your pants, your legs look longer. If you have combined it with a skirt, tuck your shirt into the skirt likewise, thus you can reveal your waistline.

2- Wear a small and bright jewelry

You can use a small and bright jewelry that enlivens your combination. However, do not use two bright and striking accessories at the same time, this can add an exaggeration to your look.

3- The right length of trousers

When the length of your trousers exceeds the heel of your shoes, you look shabby and sloppy, and your trousers get dirty very quickly. Instead, to be stylish, use trousers that are the same length as your shoe heel.

4- Choose elegant bags for dinners

When you go out for dinner or to have fun, choose elegant bags that will not restrict your movements. Bags play a very important role to be stylish.

5- Layered necklaces

Necklaces used on a plain t-shirt look very stylish. But beware, necklaces should be layered, not stacked, and choose an elegant pendant on each layer.

6- Elegant looking shoes

A pair of elegant and solid color shoes is a good companion to any combination. With the right choice of shoes, your feet do not appear larger than they are, and your legs appear longer.

7-Choose the right bra

Our last fashion tip is choosing the right bra. Choosing the right bra is very important to be more stylish. When you wear thin fabric clothes, choosing a plain and invisible bra makes you look more stylish.

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