Health Benefits Of Eating Dried Plum and Dried Pear

Benefits of dried fruits were also known in ancient times. Dried fruit benefits dates back Dried fruits such as plums, apples, pears and apricots have been loved and consumed since ancient times. Did you know that even the dried form of these fruits is healing ? While dried pear reduces blood pressure, dried plum relieves constipation. Dried plum and dried pear benefits as follows :

The fresh form of the fruit is beneficial as well as the dried form. The benefits of prunes and pears are endless. Nutritionists, who said that dried fruits consumed in winter months have many health benefits, stated that dried plums prevent osteoporosis and that dried pear is friendly to blood pressure.

Dried fruit protects the body

Dried fruits are obtained by reducing the 90 percent water content of the fresh fruit to 10-20 percent. With this process increases the sugar content of vegetables and fruits whose water content decreases. therefore, their durability increases. All minerals and vitamins are preserved after drying except vitamin C . Thanks to the high antioxidants they have, dried fruits protect the body against free radicals.

Dried plum benefits

dried fruit benefits dried plum benefits
  • It is beneficial for women to dry black plum. Because it contains plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, its consumption means a serious protection of bone health.
  • It prevents bone resorption and provides repair of damaged bones. Especially damson plum is very useful for bones.
  • In addition, prune is beneficial for blood pressure, liver, heart and kidneys due to its rich potassium and magnesium minerals.
  • With its strong antioxidant content, it has the effect of reducing the risk of heart diseases and crisis.
  • It lowers blood sugar.
  • It is protective against cancer and prevents skin aging.
  • Dried plum, which is a good diuretic, is also useful in rheumatism and atherosclerosis.

Dried pear benefits

dried fruit benefits dried pear benefits
  • Dried pear is very rich in vitamins
  • helps your kidneys function properly
  • reproduces urine
  • helps to treatment of kidney stones and kidney sand
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • cleans the blood and provides the normal functioning of all glands
  • cures anemia and prevents constipation
  • calms the nerves
  • quenches thirst.
  • relieves mental fatigue
  • Increases saliva secretion
  • reduces vomiting of pregnant women
  • cures indigestion
  • Diabetics can also eat it.
  • Those with sensitive stomachs should drink its compote.
  • It provides even more benefits if it is eaten before meals.

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