A New Cool Trend : Draping Makeup

This cool trend is also known as blush draping or blush bomb. Draping makeup has become one of the most preferred make-up techniques of recent days. It is the proof of a return to the past years in cosmetics. In this makeup technique, instead of contouring with bronze-colored materials, lighter blushes such as peach and pink are preferred. The materials you need for this makeup just consist of only a blush and a blush brush.

draping makeup

The feature that makes this makeup trend so cool and effective is that it gives a very natural air. When applying draping makeup, you should avoid exaggerated applications and take care to spread the makeup evenly on your face. Blush should be applied especially to certain areas and tried to achieve naturalness.

A technique inspired by the 70s

draping makeup70s

Although the draping technique seems like a new makeup trend, its history actually dates back to the 70s.

Draping for effective facial contours

draping makeup

Using blush to give the face a little more shape and to highlight the some areas creates a much more natural effect. A powder blush in pink or peach colors provide you with a more effective look than a dark-toned contour.

When applying draping eyeshadow, you should not choose striking colors in your eye make-up. You can complete your makeup using black or brown headlights.

Easy draping makeup technique

blush makeup
  • First, illuminate your skin with a face primer. Apply it especially to the high points of the face, such as the cheekbone, the top of the nasal bone and the tip of the nose, and the top of the chin.
  • Using the blush brush, apply blush as if contour your cheekbones.
  • Get a different contour look by applying the darkest shade in the palette lightly along the jawline, under the cheekbones and face temples.
  • Complete your makeup by touching a little bit on your nose, forehead and chin, that’s how easy it is…

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