The Best Color Combinations : A Style Guide

One of the basic conditions of having style is to use colors correctly. Otherwise, mistakes can make you look sloppy.
In this article, you can find a style guide for the best color combinations.

Color theory

Colors are combined according to 3 rules; monochromatic, complementary and analogous. In order to perceive these colors more easily, you can get help from the classic color wheel. Thus, you can guarantee to look better while combining, mixing and matching the colors.

Monochromatic is a style obtained by combining tones of the same color. The important thing in monochromatic style is to use the same color or tones from head to toe.

Complementary colors

Complementary colors are also referred to as contrasting colors. You can combine your clothes by using the suitable colors on the color wheel. For example; Orange and blue look good together. You can create a contrast by combining purple with green. It is also possible to play with the tones of contrasting colors on the color wheel. Complementary combinations allow you to create a lively and energetic atmosphere for the best color combinations.

Analogous colors

Colors next to each other on the color wheel are similar colors. Blue and green, blue and purple, orange and yellow, red and orange are good examples. In fact, if you examine your primary school knowledge a little, you can remember the primary colors and the secondary colors. Here you need to combine an intermediate color with one of the main colors that make up the intermediate color. If you use these colors, you will add a calming and cute atmosphere to your combination.

Triadic colors

It consists of three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel; such as red, yellow, blue. Although it creates a high contrast, it creates high harmony as the colors are equidistant from each other. If you are going to use three colors, we recommend that you avoid very vivid and neon colors. Because even if you use pale and pastel colors, you will have a very lively look.

Split complementary colors

While making this combination, a primary color is used with the two analogous colors to its complement. Find the opposite color of that you have chosen on the color wheel and combine it with the colors on both sides. In this case, blue is matched up with yellow and orange red.

Tetrad colors

Instead of using 4 different pieces in this combination, if you have a colorful patterned piece, you can use it in this color combination. For this, you need to draw a square or rectangle on the color wheel and choose the colors in its corners.

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