Various Benefits of Trees That Give Life to Nature

Trees are our past, present and future. Trees, the green sages of nature, took care of this world before we humans, in the millions of years of our world’s cycle. In this article we have prepared for you, you will learn about the different benefits of trees, which are the most sublime creatures of life. Benefits of trees as follows:

1- Gives Food

benefits of trees, trees give food

Our “Pale Blue” world contains living things of endless types and forms. However, these creatures need food. In this incredible ecosystem, many different tree species meet the needs of countless living things with their fruits. Even an apple tree growing in your backyard can produce up to 800 fruits in one fertile season, in direct proportion to its age. The fibers in the bark and leaves of some trees can also be consumed as food. Moreover, trees do not prevent themselves from keeping a smaller ecosystem alive by hosting the various organisms that occur on them.

2- Produces Oxygen

benefits of trees

Most of the species living on our planet need oxygen. We are lucky that this need, which is also valid for us humans, is met free of charge by trees in our world. Thanks to their green leaves, trees can miraculously turn carbon dioxide back into oxygen. The amount of oxygen produced as a result of photosynthesis may vary according to the size, type and age of the tree. For example, an acre of adult trees can meet the annual oxygen needs of approximately 18 people.

3- Cools the City

trees cool cities

The increasing human population in the last 50 years has brought with it the necessity of establishing new settlements. However, urban constructions that absorb the heat have increased rapidly. A series of researches have shown that the temperature of the air has increased in a way that cannot be underestimated due to this construction. Since the heat is not reflected by the soil and is trapped in structures such as concrete-asphalt, modern living spaces cause intense heat increases. Fortunately, nature comes to the aid of people in this regard. Trees prevent the formation of heat islands by creating shady areas in the area where they are located, and they can balance the temperature of the city according to their density by releasing water vapor into the air thanks to their leaves.

4- Prevents Erosion

trees prevent erosion

Trees, which have many different species from each other, have important benefits against nature not only on the soil with their life-giving aspects, but also under the ground. A tree has gigantic roots that are invisible below the ground as well as the visible leafy top. Trees also offer the most effective solution against soil movements caused by water currents or air currents. Thanks to the roots of the trees, landslides can be prevented in areas such as hills, slopes and stream banks. Trees can minimize the risk of landslides by reducing the runoff of the soil. The roots of some trees can go so deep that they cling to fault lines and greatly reduce the risk of earthquakes.

5- Cleans the Air

trees clean the air

Trees can clean the air by absorbing bad odors and polluting gases such as nitrogen, ammonia, sulfur and ozone. Some trees are more successful in air purification than others. Some conifers can trap dirty particles in their sticky leaves, while others can degrade their structure by absorbing harmful gases. Trees planted on highway sides are used for their own purposes by preventing the spread of exhaust gas from automobiles. The miracle of nature, trees, in this way, both save the air from pollution and provide the elements necessary for their development or trap them.

6- Gives Life

benefits of trees

Trees provide countless contributions to living things with their many features, but above all, they keep them alive. So much so that they form a habitat for insect species and small reptiles in the areas their roots under the ground and for monkeys, squirrels, raccoons and many other animals with the areas on their trunks. They also give life to various bird species on their branches. We also need to add the algae and fungi that they allow to grow on them, which they often become flatmates in a mutual relationship. In this way, each tree actually creates its own little worlds and ecosystems, giving life to their surroundings in a way that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

7- Cleans and Saves Water

benefits of trees

Tree shades, which prevent the formation of the heat zones we mentioned before ​prevent the evaporation of the surrounding grass and flower waters, thus saving water newly planted trees need an average of 50-60 liters of water per week. It is known that trees increase the humidity in the atmosphere by the evaporation of water on the leaf surfaces. In the same way, trees slow down the flow of rain with their branches and leaves, allowing the water to flow from the trunk to the ground below. This slowdown also prevents rainwater from being carried into polluting streams and seas. More importantly, when tree bottoms are cleaned and mulched, they can naturally filter water and feed groundwater resources.

8- Fights Climate Change

benefits pf trees

Climate change, which affects our world more and more each day, is caused by forests destroyed by burning and greenhouse gases resulting from excessive fossil fuel consumption. When the heat from the sun is reflected by the soil, it gets trapped inside these gas masses and causes the temperature in the atmosphere to increase. Carbon dioxide, one of the most familiar greenhouse gases, is absorbed by trees and released into the atmosphere in the form of oxygen. The benefits of trees, which are the great beings that give life to nature and our world, can be different from each other in cleaning the air. Regardless of the type, the amount of carbon dioxide that a 1000 square meter tree area can absorb is equivalent to the amount that a 10,000 km used vehicle can emit.

9- Shows Direction

benefits of trees

In a forest, when you cannot see the north star in the sky, trees with moss on them can show you the north direction. Due to the fact that the sun is in the south direction (in the northern hemisphere), the northern part of the trees creates a wonderful habitat for moss, as it retains moisture. That way, trees can guide you in such a bad scenario. They also manage to be a wonderful summary of life with their magnificent seasonal cycles.

10- A Great Teacher and Playmate

benefits of trees

The most enjoyable benefits of trees are maybe that they can be a great teacher and playmate. As well as being a playground for children, trees can also provide a pleasant relaxation area thanks to a swing or a hammock hung from their branches. Green areas give peace to the soul and create temples of unconditional peace. The fact that a tree can grow despite all the difficulties and find a way to live by jumping out of asphalt or concrete when necessary contains a deep philosophical knowledge. The fact that a tree can grow despite all the difficulties and find a way to live by breaking through asphalt or concrete when necessary contains a deep philosophical knowledge. Thanks to the nature they inhabit, they can provide us with a visible education opportunity by presenting various teachings such as biomimicry and their deep-rooted philosophies towards life. Apart from all these, the endless knowledge of nature, of which they are ancient members, is hidden under their shells.

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