Amazing Benefits of Oregano and Oregano Oil

Many people confuse oregano with thyme but it is a completely different plant. It makes dishes better with its scent and aroma. Oregano has been consumed for centuries, but no one knows its name exactly. It is added to sauces, especially in Italian cuisine. Since it comes from the same family as thyme, it is also rich in vitamins.

Oregano, also known as marjoram, is harvested in autumn. It is harvested just like thyme. The substance carvacol in it is quite active. This substance instantly destroys viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is used not only for meals, but also consumed as a herbal tea. Although many people confuse oregano with thyme, oregano is completely different from thyme. Thyme is more aromatic. However oregano has a softer flavor and scent.

Benefits of Oregano

oregano benefits
  • It prevents parasites from settling in the intestine or stomach.
  • This amazing plant heals damaged cells faster.
  • It calms the nervous system, relaxes the brain and facilitates falling sleep.
  • Owing to its strong smell, it relieves the blocked sinuses.
  • It cleans the skin pores. If you add a few fresh oregani to your bath water, your skin will be cleaned more easily.
  • When consumed with honey, it helps to get rid of all the phlegm accumulated in the throat thanks to its expectorant effect.

Benefits of Oregano Oil

oregano oil benefits
  • To reduce oral bacteria, oregano oil is added to warm water and gargled.
  • It helps in reducing the severity of health problems such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • You can solve dandruff or scalp problems by dripping it into the shampoo.

Benefits of Oregano Tea

oregano tea benefits

Oregano is rich in vitamin K. It kills viruses that cause upper respiratory diseases when consumed as tea.

  • Add a teaspoon of oregano to a glass of boiled water.
  • Wait for it to brew.
  • Strain and consume it.

You can overcome the diseases in a short time by balancing the body temperature.

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